English · 2021/07/29
People often ask me which one is the most popular among my maternity kimono dress collection. To say the truth, it is different between Japanese customers and non-Japanese customers. Non-Japanese customers like vivid, gorgeous and traditional design such as red, gold, crane and Sakura. These designs are often used for Japanese traditional wedding (bride). My dress is made of this exact same fabric. Perhaps only small number of foreigners have experience of wear this bride dress, so it is rare...
English · 2021/07/15
Since the start of COVID-19, I have been making newborn photo dresses while stay-home. I have made more than 20 all made of Kyoto Kimono, all by myself! And here's first artwork of my kimono newborn photo... I am so satisfied ^^ It's always tough to make everything by myself, it is always a big pleasure to achieve. Kimono newborn photo wafu newbornphoto wa Japanese
English · 2021/07/15
Ai Matsusaka's Kimono maternity photo, bellypainting and Kimono newborn photo started PayPay.
English · 2019/04/18
Maternity belly painting of Spring cherry blossoms. If you look for Japanese style bodypainting & photo, please contact to Tokyo Bodypainting. info@tokyobodypaint.com * マタニティペイント&撮影のお問い合わせは、プロフィールにあるメール、もしくはコメントにてお願いします。info@tokyobodypaint.com * * #premom #kimono #japan #bodypainting #bellypainting #tokyo #pregnantphoto #sakura #cherryblossom #yokohama
English · 2018/12/05
Tokyo bodypaint offers this very Japanese design belly painting to celebrate new moms and make a wish to new born baby. This is Koyo (Autumn leaves) and shrine in Kyoto, Mt. Fuji. Please contact to bilingual bodypainting artist in Tokyo. info@tokyobodypaint.com