Maternity photography & belly painting in Kimono dress - Yokohama, Tokyo and Yokosuka

Ai Matsusaka is an experienced artist performing in international bodypainting festivals, in company events and in dance shows for 10 years, and taking maternity photography for 8 years.

Specialized in Japanese design inspired by Kimono and traditional Kyoto culture, Ai offers you the best bellypainting for your special occasion during pregnancy with costumes made of Kimono.

Our service includes

 - about 30 digital photo data. You can even try costume change!

 -  More than 30 beautiful design costumes made of Kimono and Furisode

 - More than 30 different colors of flowers and accessories

 - 11 colors of maternity size skirts

 - 6 different background papers.

See the photos below for example.

As a mother of a child

My first pregnancy was in 2018.

I recognized,  for the first time in my life, the miracle of life, and the preciousness of getting pregnant as a woman. I felt that every woman is a warrior to get through this tough and amazing work.

The experience of pregnancy and giving birth to a baby is much honorable as our ceremony of being adult and wedding.  So I want to praise the moment of pregnancy with the most beautiful and gorgeous attire in Japanese culture - Furisode Kimono, which is used for other important ceremony for woman.


Every time I take maternity photo and do bellypainting for my clients, I feel so happy and be passionate to be a maker of their beautiful memory.

Best quality is promised!

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Other services

Japanese design bodypainting (full)

Specialized in Japanese design, Tokyo Body Paint artist Ai offers you the best full bodypainting.

Tokyo Body Paint has a lot of experience in performing in international bodypainting festivals, in company events and in dance shows. Best quality is promised!

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About Me

My name is Ai Matsusaka. I am Japanese bilingual bodypainting artist based in Tokyo and Yokohama.Challenging the ordinary and forgoing a new direction in full bodypainting for corporation events  / films and belly painting for individual clients, I have experience of painting for more than 1000 clients.  Specialized in Japanese design bodypainting with Kimono, winning multiple awards in international bodypainting competitions. Contact me today to discuss how I can make your best creative experience in Japan with highly sophisticated skills.

Kimono maternity photography and Japanese design belly painting near Yokohama, Yokosuka, Tokyo, Kanagawa, please visit our studio!

ACCESS : 13 minutes from Yokohama station, 5 minutes from Takashimacho station and Tobe station.

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Winners of international bodyainting festival. Mine is a special prize!

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