What's Kimono Bodypainting ?

Specialized in Japanese design inspired by Kimono and old Kyoto culture, Tokyo Body Paint offers you the best full-body painting for your special occasion. Kimono, some Japanese costume (hair accessory, umbrella, sward, etc) is also offered in requirements of design. That is Tokyo Body Paint's unique service Kimono Bodypaint.

Tokyo Body Paint has a lot of experience in performing in international bodypainting festivals, in company events and in dance shows. Best quality is promised!

To ask about fee, please contact from the form or e-mail to info@tokyobodypaint.com

International call will not be accepted.

Full Bodypainting (with / without Kimono)

Including 15-30 photos for individual customers.

Cancellation is free (except bank transfer fee) before 2 weeks of appointment.

If you are pregnant, you must have more than 3 weeks to the due date from the painting day.


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3日

About Me

My name is Ai Matsusaka. I am Japanese bilingual bodypainting artist based in Tokyo and Yokohama.Challenging the ordinary and forgoing a new direction in full bodypainting for corporation events  / films and belly painting for individual clients, I have experience of painting for more than 1000 clients.  Specialized in Japanese design bodypainting with Kimono, winning multiple awards in international bodypainting competitions. Contact me today to discuss how I can make your best creative experience in Japan with highly sophisticated skills.


Get special experience with Japanese style bodypainting and photo shooting with kimono ! Contact & Reservation from the form.  ( or mail to info@tokyobodypaint.com)

To see more of my work, please visit photo gallery.


Tokyo Bodypaint Ai won the prize in world bodypainting festival! 東京ボディペイントのアーティスト愛が、世界大会で受賞しました!

ボディペイントのご相談はメールにて お願いします。企業様のイベント、撮影等うけつけております。


Contact : info@tokyobodypaint.com

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Cloths? No, it's painting!

Winners of international bodyainting festival. Mine is a special prize!

Japanese style bodypainting & photo, please contact to Tokyo Bodypainting. info@tokyobodypaint.com


International Bodypainting Festival

I took special prize in International bodypainting festival!

Japanese style bodypainting & photo, please contact to Tokyo Bodypainting. info@tokyobodypaint.com