Newborn photo, maternity photo & belly painting in Kimono dress - all around Kanagawa, Tokyo, Yokosuka,  Chiba and Saitama

This is Kimono maternity photo & bellypainting, Kimono newborn photo by Ai Matsusaka. Our small studio is located nearby Yokohama station.

Ai is an experienced artist awarded in international bodypainting festivals, in company events and in shows for 10 years, and taking maternity photo / newborn photo for 8 years.

Ai's photo service is not like an ordinary ones.

Specialized in Japanese design inspired by Kimono and traditional Kyoto culture, photo session is offered with many of beautiful Kimono dresses and hair accessories all made of Kyoto Kimono, with gold and silver silk fabrics.

Ai's photo service includes,

 - about 30 digital photo data. You can even try costume change!

 -  More than 50 beautiful dresses made of Kimono and Furisode for maternity and newborn ( boy / girl )

 - More than 30 different colors of flowers and accessories

 - full / partial bellypainting in request

 - Visiting your house or in studio

 - 6 different background papers in studio - Hard cover photo album for FREE if you book both maternity photo and newborn photo


Message from the artist

~ As a mother of a child ~

My first pregnancy was in 2018.

I recognized,  for the first time in my life, the miracle of life, and the preciousness of getting pregnant as a woman. I felt that every woman is a warrior to get through this tough and amazing work.

The experience of pregnancy and giving birth to a baby is much honorable as our ceremony of being adult and wedding.  So I want to praise the moment of pregnancy with the most beautiful and gorgeous attire in Japanese culture - Furisode Kimono, which is used for other important ceremony for woman.


Every time I take maternity photo and do bellypainting for my clients, I feel so happy and be passionate to be a maker of their beautiful memory.

Best quality is promised!

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Kimono maternity photography and Japanese design belly painting near Yokohama, Yokosuka, Tokyo, Kanagawa, please visit our studio!

ACCESS : 13 minutes from Yokohama station, 5 minutes from Takashimacho station and Tobe station.

Kimono maternityphoto & newborn photo by artist Ai Matsusaka 


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