Maternity photography & belly painting in Kimono dress - Yokohama, Tokyo and Yokosuka

Ai Matsusaka is an experienced artist awarded in international bodypainting festivals, in company events and in shows for 10 years, and taking maternity photography for 8 years.

Specialized in Japanese design inspired by Kimono and traditional Kyoto culture, Ai offers you the best maternity photo and bellypainting for your special occasion during pregnancy with costumes made of Kimono.

Our service includes

 - about 30 digital photo data. You can even try costume change!

 -  More than 30 beautiful design costumes made of Kimono and Furisode

 - More than 30 different colors of flowers and accessories

 - 11 colors of maternity size skirts

 - 6 different background papers.

 - Visiting your house or in-studio

Check the photos below for example.

Want to save time and get relaxed at home?

Ai can send all the background fabric and equipment beforehand so that you can be relaxed and just wait at home! You may also expect photos with your family, your elder children who are difficult to come to the studio long way from home.

Recently more and more clients wants this visiting service. It's easy, Ai can make all the arrangement of sending / sending back the stuff using delivery service. If you don't do bellypainting, Ai can bring all the background fabrics, lights and dresses so you don't really need to be charged sending cost.

To see the cost of visiting photo session, please see the price list.

Best quality is promised!

Make reservation now from the form, or if you have any questions, please e-mail to

Kimono Maternity photo  & Belly painting Blog

Most popular Kimono maternity dress

People often ask me which one is the most popular among my maternity kimono dress collection.

To say the truth, it is different between Japanese customers and non-Japanese customers.

Non-Japanese customers like vivid, gorgeous and traditional design such as red, gold, crane and Sakura. These designs are often used for Japanese traditional wedding (bride). My dress is made of this exact same fabric.

Perhaps only small number of foreigners have experience of wear this bride dress, so it is rare opportunity to wear dress with same fabric in maternity photo.

Finally… PayPay started!

Paypay installed
Paypay installed

So I finally installed PayPay in request of many foreigner customers! It was a bit complicated to prepare everything about my business information and certification but not really hard to get licensed.
The only ambiguity is their charge. It  is free, so far, which actually was the only reason I decided to install paypay, but it will increase to some percentages from this October. I am so anxious about its rate.

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