Ai Matsusaka is an awarded artist making dresses for 4 years and also has experience as photographer for 8 years.

Specialized in Japanese design inspired by traditional Kyoto culture, Ai offers you the best newborn photo sessions with costumes all made of Kimono fabrics.

Home visit photo sessions are possible. All the equipment and costumes will be brought to your house with Ai.





Newborn Kimono Collections


BOY Kimono

GIRL Kimono

Ai's newborn photography has more than 20 newborn Kimono swaddle designs.

Each design has symbols for baby. You can chose Kimono along with your wishes for baby.

Meaning of symbols in Kimono
■Boy / man
Eagle elegantly flies high enough to find the animals and catch it. Like his clairvoyant eyes, eagle is the symbol of ability of seeing things further. And he has strong claws which is the symbol of catching dream and luck. The arrow is often put together with eagle. This arrow is called “Hamaya”, which breaks evil and keep family safe.

・ Warrior helmet (Kabuto)
Kabuto is the popular design next to eagle. It represents the courage and strength of boy. It is also a symbol of success because in old days, only high-class Samurai could wear beautiful Kaburo.

・Carp (Koi )
Koi has a strong energy to survive in any tough conditions. He survives both in river and in ponds. In the old story of China, Koi was the only survivor among different kind of fishes trying to climb up the dangerous waterfall, and Koi became dragon. So Koi is the symbol of success in career.

■Girl / woman
The most famous flower in Japan. Every ceremony of “starting neww things” such as graduation and entering to new school has Sakura as a symbol. Sakura can be seen in spring, but people can wear Sakura design in every season.
・Pine tree, bamboo, plum (Sho chiku bai)
These three plants survives in cold season, so these are the symbol of strength and patience. Especially, plum has beautiful flower in early spring still snowing, so it is a symbol of girl’s beauty and strength.
Butterfly change its figure to beautiful creature when he grows up. It is the symbol of girl to grow up to beautiful woman. His s incredible form change of worm, pupal state and butterfly is considered as immortality. So it is also the symbol of long living.
・Mari (ball)
Its round and pretty shape represent the peace and living with people friendly without quarrels.

Kimono Newborn photo Blog

Kimono Newborn photo started^^

Since the start of COVID-19, I have been making newborn photo dresses while stay-home. I have made more than 20 all made of Kyoto Kimono, all by myself!

And here's first artwork of my kimono newborn photo...

I am so satisfied ^^

It's always tough to make everything by myself, it is  always a big pleasure to achieve.


Kimono newborn photo

wafu newbornphoto

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