First Kimono, first experience born in Japan


Leave a pleasant memory for your newborn baby!

Ai's newborn photo is not like an ordinary photo service.

It is with many of beautiful Kimono dresses and hair accessories all made of Kyoto Kimono, with gold and silver silk fabrics.

Ai's newborn photo service includes,

 - about 30 digital photo data. You can even try costume change!

 -  More than 20 beautiful design costumes made of Kimono and Furisode

 - More than 30 different colors of flowers and accessories

 - Visiting photo session is possible with all the dresses and equipment

 - Hard cover photo album for FREE if you book both maternity photo and newborn photo


You can even take photos with your family, elder children. All you  need to do is just relax and wait for Ai to visit you.

Dres change is OK!! Kimono dresses for newborn baby

Ai's newborn photo offers more than 20 newborn dresses made of Kimono.

Each design has symbols for baby. You can chose Kimono along with your wishes for baby.

For example, "the eagle" is a popular symbol for boys. Eagle watches carefully and protect boys from evil. "Te arrow" breaks that evil. "Warrior helmet and dragon" are the symbols of strength. "Mt. Fuji" is a symbol of goodness, and "Treasure ship" is a symbol of an eternal wealth.

"Sakura" is a symbol of beauty of a girl. "Ume (plum)" is a symbol of girl's strength. "Crane" is always used for wedding Kimono to make a wish of health and wealthy life for a woman.


Kimono Newborn photo Blog

Kimono Newborn photo started^^

Since the start of COVID-19, I have been making newborn photo dresses while stay-home. I have made more than 20 all made of Kyoto Kimono, all by myself!

And here's first artwork of my kimono newborn photo...

I am so satisfied ^^

It's always tough to make everything by myself, it is  always a big pleasure to achieve.


Kimono newborn photo

wafu newbornphoto

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